• Energy Infrastructure

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Products

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Services

    The life cycle of an asset can be 30 years or more. To maximize uptime and deliver significant value, assets in the natural gas sector require constant maintenance – preventive and restorative. Systems and parts may need to be upgraded or retrofitted. In the shop or in the field, Enerflex has trained expert technicians to solve service problems for customers worldwide, with long-term maintenance contracts and extensive local parts inventory for peace of mind.

  • Solutions

    Enerflex partners with customers, across the natural gas value chain wellhead to downstream. Expert in-house teams have experience in every configuration, onshore and offshore, sub-Arctic, tropical, and desert climate applications. We offer maximum flexibility with new compression, gas processing, refrigeration, power generation, and integrated facilities — paired with rentals, contract compression, and after-market services. Enerflex also provides total assurance with Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM).

  • Company

    Enerflex plays a pivotal role in the global transformation of energy markets through innovative processing and treating of natural gas. Our forward-thinking and entrepreneurial leadership is committed to delivering the fuel of the future to diverse industries, fast-growing communities, and discerning homeowners all around the world, creating shareholder value as we meet demand.

Stabilizing Hydrocarbon Liquids Up To 30,000 BBL/D and Beyond


Stabilization heats liquid hydrocarbons to specified vapour pressure and cooling parameters, and then prepares them for transportation via rail, truck, or direct injection to the pipeline. Various methods can be used to achieve this common and necessary stage in the process. 

Enerflex designs and manufactures high-quality condensate stabilization packages to process heavier hydrocarbon liquids. Our expert engineers will determine the best solution to fit your application and budget.

Specialized Stabilization Industry-Wide

  • Condensate Stabilizer

    Enerflex designs condensate stabilizer systems that range in size from below 250 BBL/D to more than 30,000 BBL/D, with single- or multi-tower design options available.

  • Crude Oil Stabilizer

    Enerflex provides crude oil stabilizers to maximize production and produce stabilized oil products with RVP below 9 PSI or an API gravity less than 50°. These units can be supplied with indirect fired bath heaters – using either forced draft or natural draft burners – and optional low NOx burners.

    Additional features can include: water draw-off separators for continuous water removal; and stripping gas provision for additional capacity and lower API gravity.

  • Diluent Recovery Unit

    Enerflex supplies simple diluent recovery units (DRU) that use heat to separate dilbit into its core components of undiluted bitumen and diluent. 

    Typically located near oil sands production sites, DRUs are now built closer to transloading facilities as producers seek alternatives to pipelines, such as rail and barge. The units extract condensate prior to refining bitumen — and this recovered diluent can be reused, increasing operating netbacks.

Enerflex in Action

  • Block 60, Abu Butabul Gas Field, Oman

    90 MMSCFD Natural Gas and 6,000 BBL/D Condensate Integrated Turnkey (ITK) Processing Plant

    Enerflex was awarded the engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and commissioning of a gas processing plant, located in Abu Tubul Block 60 in the Sultanate of Oman. This gas processing facility produces 90 MMSCFD of natural gas and 6,000 BBL/D of condensate. The contract included the supply by Enerflex of all associated equipment including: refrigeration, sales gas, and recycled gas compressor packages; gas / condensate export facilities; condensate stabilization processing modules; dehydrators; dew point unit; separators;  produced water treatment; onsite power plant; and all associated utility services.

    Enerflex was the supplier of choice following the successful commissioning, operations, and maintenance of additional gas compression and processing facilities in the region. This project was one of the first in Oman to generate non-conventional gas from deep reservoirs.


    Enerflex provided a single-source solution for the customer and all parties involved, from government to the private sector, ensuring future challenges were considered. 

    A true testament to Enerflex’s diversification model, this project included multiple regions and product lines to ensure the successful completion. The project was completed safely and in a record time of three years. Over 5.2 million man hours were worked without lost-time injury and the project had a TRIR of 0.1.

  • Egypt

    160 MMSCFD Turnkey Natural Gas Early Production Facility

    Enerflex’s turnkey solution leveraged its full range of in-house capabilities to custom design, fabricate, procure, construct, commission, and start-up a 160 MMSCFD turnkey natural gas processing facility in Egypt — with capacity of 5,000 BBL/D condensate and 3,000 BBL/D of LPG. The Enerflex designed liquids extraction process uses mechanical refrigeration and glycol injection for natural gas hydrocarbon and water dew point depression. The plant also features heat-medium and fire-water systems, a control system, plus a product storage and distribution system.


    Enerflex’s single-source capability allowed the completion of the two-stage early production facility, moving from project award to first gas within 18 months — four months ahead of schedule. 

    Stage one brought natural gas and condensate production on-stream, allowing the facility to generate revenue during the second stage of construction. Stage two equipped the facility for full LPG production, with a molecular sieve dehydration turbo-expander and fractionation towers, equipped with deethanizers, debutanizer, and condensate stabilization units. This staged approach provided the customer with four months of additional cash flow during a period of heavy capital spending.

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