• Energy Infrastructure

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Products

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Services

    The life cycle of an asset can be 30 years or more. To maximize uptime and deliver significant value, assets in the natural gas sector require constant maintenance – preventive and restorative. Systems and parts may need to be upgraded or retrofitted. In the shop or in the field, Enerflex has trained expert technicians to solve service problems for customers worldwide, with long-term maintenance contracts and extensive local parts inventory for peace of mind.

  • Solutions

    Enerflex partners with customers, across the natural gas value chain wellhead to downstream. Expert in-house teams have experience in every configuration, onshore and offshore, sub-Arctic, tropical, and desert climate applications. We offer maximum flexibility with new compression, gas processing, refrigeration, power generation, and integrated facilities — paired with rentals, contract compression, and after-market services. Enerflex also provides total assurance with Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM).

  • Company

    Enerflex plays a pivotal role in the global transformation of energy markets through innovative processing and treating of natural gas. Our forward-thinking and entrepreneurial leadership is committed to delivering the fuel of the future to diverse industries, fast-growing communities, and discerning homeowners all around the world, creating shareholder value as we meet demand.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing

Diversity. Inclusion. Safety. Community.

It’s Our Collective Responsibility

Enerflex’s commitment to people, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility is embedded in our core values. We are dedicated to safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which we operate. We believe that all our employees and stakeholders worldwide deserve to be treated with respect — it is a moral obligation. We understand that we have a social license to operate and commitment that is earned.

We are proud of our diverse and dedicated workforce, which is a key strength in helping us understand and meet our customer needs worldwide. The diversity of our global team is also key to driving greater innovation and creativity. We believe inclusive teams that value diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes for all our stakeholders, making us a stronger company overall.

For Enerflex, diversity includes but is not limited to characteristics such as gender, geographical representation, ethnicity, race, nationality, culture, religion, language, indigenous status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, family and marital status, age, disability, education, and industry experience.

Enerflex is committed to:

  • Hiring talent with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills;
  • Developing and promoting from within;
  • Improving training and career development offerings;
  • Conducting regular performance reviews and career mapping, through a transparent, web-based performance management system; and
  • Aligning with market-competitive compensation and benefits.

Employee Wellbeing

We endeavor to bring out the best in colleagues by establishing and maintaining a work environment that promotes positive wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices. The Company strives to create a culture where employees can seek assistance when needed and have access to a range of wellbeing resources to help them remain mentally, physically, socially, and financially healthy. We recognize that every employee has different needs and we aim to provide support to employees at every stage of their lives.


We are concerned about the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and fellow global citizens. COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for our workforce, and Enerflex is proud of how its people are maintaining the values of teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness through the crisis. The Company is devoted to the continued safety of its personnel while delivering on its promises to customers. We are supporting our employees and providing the flexibility they need to meet the demands of their diverse personal and professional lives.

Respectful Workplace Policy 

The foundation of an inclusive culture is to build respectful teams who collectively share the responsibility to prevent, identify, and respond appropriately to incidents of harassment. We believe all employees deserve to work in a safe and respectful workplace, free of harassment and bullying. A culture of respect creates a climate for employees to contribute meaningfully. In August 2019, the Board adopted a global Respectful Workplace Policy that reiterates Enerflex’s commitment and expectations for a work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and violence.

Considering Gender in Director Nominations and Executive Appointments

The Board has adopted a Diversity Policy that applies to both the Board and Executive Management Team (EMT). The objective of the Diversity Policy is to maintain an optimum mix of qualified, diverse individuals, and to increase gender diversity on the Board and EMT. Enerflex will strive to ensure that candidate slates for Board and EMT positions are comprised of at least 30% qualified women.

Enerflex believes that diversity and inclusion within its leadership ranks broadens talent, drives better performance, and increases innovation.

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