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    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

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    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

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    The life cycle of an asset can be 30 years or more. To maximize uptime and deliver significant value, assets in the natural gas sector require constant maintenance – preventive and restorative. Systems and parts may need to be upgraded or retrofitted. In the shop or in the field, Enerflex has trained expert technicians to solve service problems for customers worldwide, with long-term maintenance contracts and extensive local parts inventory for peace of mind.

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    Enerflex partners with customers, across the natural gas value chain wellhead to downstream. Expert in-house teams have experience in every configuration, onshore and offshore, sub-Arctic, tropical, and desert climate applications. We offer maximum flexibility with new compression, gas processing, refrigeration, power generation, and integrated facilities — paired with rentals, contract compression, and after-market services. Enerflex also provides total assurance with Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM).

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    Enerflex plays a pivotal role in the global transformation of energy markets through innovative processing and treating of natural gas. Our forward-thinking and entrepreneurial leadership is committed to delivering the fuel of the future to diverse industries, fast-growing communities, and discerning homeowners all around the world, creating shareholder value as we meet demand.

Enerflex Awarded Contract for KALiNA Cycle

KALiNA Power Limited (“KALiNA”) recently announced that after an extensive competitive process, it has awarded the engineering contract to Enerflex Ltd. (EFX:TO) (“Enerflex”) for the modularization design of KALiNA Cycle plants. This contract is an important step in KALiNA achieving its objective of deploying multiple, combined cycle power plants in Alberta using KALiNA Cycle modules fabricated by Enerflex.

Alberta-based Enerflex is an international engineering, design, fabrication, construction, and commissioning company. With major fabrication facilities in Calgary and Houston, Enerflex has extensive experience with the packaging and modularization of gas processing, power plants and other industrial facilities in over 50 countries. Enerflex is also engaged with the deployment and ownership of its own power projects and has a strategic interest in working with KALiNA in Alberta, other markets in North America and internationally.

Enerflex President and CEO, Marc Rossiter, commented: “Enerflex provides full-cycle natural gas solutions, from engineering, design, fabrication, manufacturing, installation, construction and aftermarket services. We see the big picture. Electric power is an important aspect of Enerflex’s business, and we are focused on delivering exceptional customer service through every stage of the process. Having met Dr. Alex Kalina many years ago, we have followed the KALiNA Cycle technology with great interest and are pleased to see the progress made over the past couple of years with new management and industry partners. Enerflex is excited to address the current commercial opportunities being pursued in Alberta and is equally enthusiastic to explore ways to participate in the international deployment of this technology.

KALiNA’s Managing Director and CEO, Ross MacLachlan, commented: “Modularization of the KALiNA Cycle is a major priority in our program to deploy multiple packaged modules that can reduce the overall installed cost of each project. Engaging Enerflex to provide high-quality, cost-effective modularization of the KALiNA Cycle for our Alberta projects is a major development that will augment the extensive engineering work completed to date. We are very excited to have awarded this contract to Enerflex not only due to their fabrication and modularization capabilities, which speak for themselves, but also their unique capabilities across the full range from engineering, procurement, fabrication through to construction to deliver lump-sum turnkey deployments for our program.

Alberta represents KALiNA’s primary market focus where the province has legislated the retirement of 5.7GW of coal fired generation. KALiNA’s subsidiary, KALiNA Distributed Power Limited (“KDP”) is implementing its development program for multiple 30MW distributed generation power plants, using advanced gas turbine technology and KALiNA’s waste heat recovery technology. Locations have been selected in areas of Alberta that are short generation and have distribution loads to support distributed generation.

The engagement with Enerflex involves a conditional, stage-gated process to deliver cost-effective, modularization of KALiNA Cycle plants. The first phase has commenced with engineering and cost estimating of modularization underway. With a successful transition through each stage, KALiNA expects to complete and advance a range of project development milestones to keep on track to achieve Full Notice to Proceed with its project funding capital partner Akira Partners by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

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