Shale Play Solutions

We offer complete water treatment backed by more than two decades of experience giving us the expertise to take on the shale play’s most challenging water projects. Our proven technologies provide turnkey solutions which are engineered to be streamlined and flexible with real-time monitoring and automation to optimize performance. With our full service solutions we will provide a rapid ROI by decreasing disposal costs, increasing oil recovery from water, and providing water suited for reuse. Our complete product portfolio for solids, oil, and contaminant removal is ready to deploy to your site today.

Better water management for a better bottom line:

  • Turnkey solutions to treat 0-30,000 BWPD in a single train
  • Flexible options for purchase, lease, or contract operations and maintenance
  • Systems with real-time monitoring and automation to optimize performance
  • Sustainable technologies for recycle and reuse
  • Efficiently designed streamlined solutions for the lowest treatment cost per barrel
  • In-house water team dedicated to your needs
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