Separon™ Desander

Separon™ Desanders are designed for bulk solids removal. Used for a wide range of offshore and onshore applications, these systems take on the dirtiest challenges and keep fluid streams free of troublesome solids. With a 2:1 turndown ratio, single units are available for flow rates ranging from 100 to 450,000 BPD.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

  • No moving parts saves maintenance time and costs.
  • No liners, screens, or filter elements to clean or replace.

Better Performance

  • No backwashing eliminates additional treatment and allows reclaiming of valuable fluids.
  • Enhanced internal accelerating slots for optimum solids-removal without emulsification.

High Flexibility

  • Designed to handle slugging, upset conditions, and high solids loading.
  • Choice of profiles to accommodate space and piping limitations.
  • Available as standalone equipment or complete skid packages.

How it works

Liquid and solids enter the inlet tangentially and accelerate in the upper head setting up a circular flow. Centrifugal action directs particles heavier than the liquid to the perimeter of the separation chamber. Particle-free liquid discharges upward through the vortex to the outlet and solids are collected in the lower chamber for automatic and intermittent purging.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • ANSI flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Designed to ASME (section VIII, Div I), ANSI, CRN, PED, and NACE industry standards

Material of Construction

  • Vessel: Carbon Steel or 316L Stainless Steel or Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Interior: SS316L Spiral Wound Gaskets with Graphite Filled SS Centering and Inner Ring

Common Applications

  • Pipeline Flushing and Testing
  • FWKO
  • SAGD
  • Secondary Recovery
  • Frac Water
  • Wellstream Desanding
  • Seawater
  • Disposal Wells