Gas Production Unit

Gas Production Units consist of an indirect heater and separator, skid mounted with interconnecting piping and instrumentation, ready for operation. Enclosed units are available.

The Gas Production Unit is a field-proven system for regulating wellstream flow, pressure and temperature, and helping remove liquids from gas prior to further processing or pipeline delivery. The base unit includes a gas-fired heater and a horizontal two or three-phase separator mounted on a skid, with operation-ready instrumentation and piping that allow quick well hookup. Units are available in single, dual and quad configurations for cost-saving, multi-well service. Enclosed units are also available for reliable operation in cold-weather climates.Every component is expertly engineered to work as a seamless high-performance system, so you can achieve your production goals faster.

The Gas Production Unit can be configured in different ways, including combining one or two line heaters with one or more separators or a two separator type configuration–one high pressure and one low pressure separator. Any configuration can include an enclosure for cold-weather climates.

Typical configurations include:

  • Line heater with one separator
  • Line heater with two separators; one high pressure, one low pressure
  • Two separators (high and low pressure)
  • Heater
  • Two sets of coils
  • Two high-pressure separators
  • Two heaters each with two sets of coils
  • four high-pressure separators

Key Benefits

  • Expedited production drawings available as early as 4-5 business days for faster planning
  • Single well or multi well designs available along with full pad well designs
  • Robust skid design and commitment to service help bring operations online quickly
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Installation and commissioning of the units to facilitate and speed startup
  • Industry-leading delivery to speed startup

How it Works

Gas production units are used on natural gas wells to remove liquids from gas prior to further processing or delivery to a pipeline.

Upon entering the unit the well-stream is heated both before and after flowing through a pressure-reducing choke to prevent freezing of water and condensates.

The well-stream then enters the separator where liquids are diverted against the separator shell and down into the accumulation section. Gas flows upward and exits the separator through a wire mesh mist extractor.

Temperature controllers in the unit maintain the temperature to prevent freezing, overheating, and the formation of hydrates.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty steel heater shell
  • Interchangeable and removable firetube
  • Interchangeable and removable split coil per API 12K
  • Removable flame arrestor
  • Removable stack
  • Long nose adjustable choke
  • High temperature shutdown with thermowell
  • Temperature indicators with thermowells
  • Temperature controller with thermowell
  • ASME code-stamped, 250 psig fuel gas scrubber with internal high level safety shutdown valve
  • Fuel gas manifold with preheat coil and high and low pressure regulators
  • Line heater built in accordance with API 12K
  • Interchangeable two or three-phase separators
  • Liquid level controllers
  • Liquid outlet control valves
  • Pressure gauges with isolation valve
  • Relief valves
  • ASME code stamped separator and National Board registration
  • Heavy-duty oilfield skid with tailboard bar


  • Interchangeable gas metering
  • Interchangeable liquid metering
  • Two or three-phase separator
  • High/low pressure shutdown
  • High/low liquid level shutdown
  • Burner safety low (BSL) or burner management system
  • Solar option for BSL
  • Heat tracing pump system
  • Removable stack arrestor
  • Alternative coil configurations
  • Up to 15,000 psig MAWP coil design
  • Gas leak detection for enclosed unit
  • Fire safety fusible plug system
  • Remote monitoring and control with SCADA systems
  • Sour gas service designed and built to NACE standards
  • Customization to meet additional specifications

Gas Production Unit

Tech Sheets

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