High Pressure Natural Gas Compression for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Reservoirs


EOR in unconventional reservoirs is a fairly new concept and we have been partnering with a number of top Eagle Ford shale producers to ensure successful results. The use of high pressure natural gas allows operators to take advantage of an affordable and easy-to-access resource that is typically available on-site or from nearby pipelines. Experience and knowledge are crucial in the design of the required surface equipment due to the many complexities. Exterran has succeeded in the application of this compression process and we have the background to provide properly engineered, designed-for-purpose equipment to ensure a successful project. Please click here to download our white paper for more detailed information.

Complete Confidence in Exterran Packages:

  • Exterran’s 60 years of experience and unsurpassed expertise as the global compression leader assures high-performing packages
  • Experience providing packages for leading Eagle Ford producers
  • Exterran engineering ensures consistent quality, predictable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Ability to engineer and manufacture a comprehensive solution to meet customer needs
  • Compact skid designs and transportation-considerate packaging practices reduce permitting requirements and associated trucking costs
  • Engineering and operations experts are available to assist with configuration decisions and technical support
EOR white paper
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