C-Series 3516

Exterran C-Series 3516 Gas Compression Packages are pre-engineered and assembled with high-quality components and a wide range of options – allowing for exceptional configuration flexibility and high performance along with rapid delivery and startup. Packages are available up to 1,380 horsepower and are outfitted with Caterpillar 3516J lean burn engines, ASME-code stamped pressure vessels and Ariel JGT4 compressors, with options such as quiet Harsco/Air-X-Changers fin fan cooler, Hotstart system and Murphy Centurion Plus control panel. Each package is built on a heavy-duty steel skid suitable for a compacted gravel pad or mounting on a concrete foundation.

Standard safety features include automatic shut-down controls and checker-plated, skid-resistant work surfaces. Safety is enhanced because all local instrument gas vents are collected, manifolded and routed to connections at the skid edge. Our design facilitates air emissions compliance with a catalyst housing and NPT sampling ports. Selectable safety options include exhaust insulation, caged ladders, OSHA-compliant work platforms, and trim to handle up to 2% H2S mol. process gas.

Standard Features


  • Caterpillar 3516J lean-burn engine
  • Configurable Ariel JGT4 compressor
  • Engine and compressor oil level regulators with inlet/outlet fire-safe valves
  • Exhaust catalyst housing and sampling ports
  • Exhaust silencer rated for 25-30 dB noise reduction
  • Catalytic converter Type-K thermocouples for inlet/outlet temperature measurement
  • Upgraded Caterpillar engine exhaust header insulation
  • NPT connections to enable coolant temperature measurement
  • Isolation valves for coolant conservation during engine service
  • NPT ball-valve and piping for future fuel meter installation

Instruments & Controls

  • Murphy Centurion control panel
  • Automatic shut-down controls
  • Cable and tray electrical system meets NEC Class 1, Division 2 hazardous area classifications
  • Instrument gas vents manifolded to a single, skid-edge connection


  • Pulsation study pre-performed on all base configuration models
  • ASME-code stamped pressure vessels
  • ½ inch minimum wall thickness on all scrubbers and bottles for mechanical strength
  • Pulsation bottles designed to reduce pressure drop, pulsations and vibrations
  • NPT pressure connections on pulsation bottles to enable collection of pulsation data
  • Temperature connection on all scrubbers


  • Mechanical analysis on package design to minimize vibration
  • Checker-plated, skid-resistant work surfaces
  • Package components directly supported to skid cross members
  • One-inch steel plate across back of skid to add mechanical stiffness

C-Series 3516

Tech Sheets

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