The performance you want in every package.

Exterran® designs each unit for optimal efficiency, run-time, maintainability and reliability. Our extensive 60 year history in the industry enables us to establish best practices resulting in one of the most stable and reliable package designs available. Exterran maintains a broad and complete inventory of gas compressor packages and components, facilitating quick deliveries.

With packaging capabilities ranging up to 9,000 HP, Exterran has the resources to deliver what is needed to optimize production in unique operating environments and under varying conditions. Exterran has packaged more than 8,000 reciprocating and rotary screw compressors, making us one of the most experienced packagers in the world. Custom-built Exterran packages can be found in almost every major oil and gas producing region on the world.

C-Series 3516

The 3516 Compression Package offers a wide range of configuration options for fast delivery. Available in seven base models in one-, two- and three-stage configurations.


C-Series 3606

The 3606 C-series offers a powerful blend of flexibility and horsepower. This pre-engineered package offers a lean burn solution that is compact, robust, and efficient.


C-Series 7044

Now configurable, the 7044 Compression Package offers a rich-burn solution with advanced emissions control system. Comprised of a 3-way catalyst, air/ fuel ratio control and a color display panel/interface, the advanced emissions control system simplifies operations and keeps emissions in compliance.

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