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Exterran® fabricates an extensive range of state-of-the-art compression packages. Our broad gas compression product range includes small, rotary screw units, complex, high-horsepower reciprocating units capable of either onshore or offshore deployment anywhere in the world. Exterran engineering ensures consistent quality, predictable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance.

C-Series 3516

The 3516 Compression Package offers a wide range of configuration options for fast delivery. Available in seven base models in one-, two- and three-stage configurations.


C-Series 3606

The 3606 C-series offers a powerful blend of flexibility and horsepower. This pre-engineered package offers a lean burn solution that is compact, robust, and efficient.


C-Series 7044

Now configurable, the 7044 Compression Package offers a rich-burn solution with advanced emissions control system. Comprised of a 3-way catalyst, air/ fuel ratio control and a color display panel/interface, the advanced emissions control system simplifies operations and keeps emissions in compliance.

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