Exterran® offers revamp, refurbishment, upgrade and restoration services for a wide array of oil and gas equipment from complete packages, systems and subsystems to individual components and control systems. All our performance upgrading services, re-rating and modifications are built on the basis of our engineering process know-how and our fleet operating experience. We offer lifetime extensions and rejuvenation projects that start with a review of the complete system, including disassembly and inspection of key components to restore the asset to peak operational efficiency that results in tangible commercial and operational benefits.

Customers valuing flexibility and the ability to respond to market conditions can now take advantage of an alternative for current operating GSP plants. Exterran’s Recycle Split Vapor (RSV) retrofit offering provides Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) plant owners the option to modify plants and achieve ultra-high ethane and propane recoveries.

Restoration Services

Exterran will work with the customer to complete a unit condition assessment and define a scope of work to return the equipment to service with optimal performance:

  • Sandblasting & Painting
  • Structural Repairs
  • Re-certification
  • Component Servicing
  • Software Updates
  • Engine Updates
  • Compressor Re-staging
  • Turbocharger Overhaul
  • Scrubber Recertification
  • Cooler Tube Replacement
  • Engine Dyno Testing
  • Valve Repair

Remanufacturing Services:

  • On-site or In-shop Overhaul
  • Engine, Compressor and Component Machining and Remanufacturing
  • Piping, Vessel and Structural Repair
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Electrical and Control Panel Repair and Replacement
  • Turbocharger Repair
  • SME Code Vessel Repair or Replacement
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Compression Re-staging Capabilities
  • Compression Performance Analysis