Photo courtesy of Marathon Petroleum Corporation

About Exterran

For 64 years, Exterran has evolved as an industry leader in full service, turnkey midstream infrastructure solutions. Headquarted in Houston, Texas and operating in roughly 30 countries we deliver value through flexible contract operations, robust aftermarket services and premium products.

Our wide range of environmentally efficient natural gas processing and treating solutions, gas compression equipment, produced water treatment systems and onsite power generation helps our customers reduce their operational and financial risk, optimize production and monetize their fields faster.

Service. Innovation. Expertise. This is where it all comes together.

"We have a very good technical partnership with Exterran. From the field to upper management, everyone there provides us with positive communication. They are very attentive to our needs."
– Petrobras

A Legacy Of Leadership And Transformation.

Exterran has a reputation for performance and reliability that dates back more than a half century. A series of mergers with industry leaders throughout our history have contributed to today’s robust, stable organization. And we’ve expanded our capabilities and global reach to give our customers the world’s most comprehensive resource for critical infrastructure solutions.

Enterprise-wide, we are driven by innovation and superior service — a combination that has enabled us to grow rapidly and reposition our organization as a world-class systems and process company for oil, gas, water and power.

  • 2015

    Exterran Corporation is formed and former U.S. contract compression and services business becomes Archrock, Inc.

  • 2014

    Exterran acquires compression assets from MidCon Compression

  • 2008

    Exterran enters produced water treatment business with acquisition of GLR, now Exterran Water Solutions

  • 2007

    Universal Compression and Hanover merge to form Exterran Holdings, Inc.

  • 2001

    Acquires KCI, LCM, and TCS

  • 2001

    Acquires Production Operators Inc. Schlumberger–TLC alliance created

  • 2000

    Hanover Compression Company established Enters gas processing business acquiring T.H. Russell Co. through APGI acquisition

  • 2000

    Acquires Weatherford Global and Gas Compression Services

  • 1999

    GLR Solutions, Ltd., established

  • 1995

    Enter production equipment business, acquiring Smith Industries

  • 1976

    Tidewater Marine acquires Universal Compression

  • 1972

    T.H. Russell Company established

  • 1968

    Tidewater, Inc. acquires South Coast Gas

  • 1954

    South Coast Gas Company established