Vertical Heater Treater

Exterran's Vertical Heater Treater breaks emulsions in crude oil using heat and retention time.

The Exterran Vertical Treater efficiently helps remove water and emulsion from crude oil wellstreams, so you can keep your production flowing. Once the oil emerges from the treatment process, it is ready for further processing or pipeline delivery.

Key Benefits


  • Help boost production and reduce downtime with our proven pre-engineered design
  • Latest ASME design and construction standards help ensure high performance


  • Units are typically in stock and ready for delivery
  • Prompt, professional service, support and spare parts from local technicians in or near every major oil & gas producing region in the U.S. and numerous areas around the world

How it Works

The well stream first enters the emulsion inlet near the top of the unit and is diverted against the treater shell. Gas separates from the liquids, ascends and exits the unit. Warm vapor from the lower section flows up to the gas separation section and mixes with the cool inlet stream. Heavier components in the gas condense and descend. The oil, water, and emulsion liquids that descend are collected beneath the firebox. Free water separates from the oil and discharges from the bottom section through the adjustable external siphon.

The spreader breaks up the remaining oil and emulsion and the remaining water is discharged with the free water. Treated oil flows through the heat-retaining baffle above the firetube, exits through the oil outlet at the top of the settling section, and is conveyed to a storage tank.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • Removable firetube and stack
  • High-efficiency burner and pilot assembly
  • Temperature controller
  • Liquid gauge assemblies
  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve
  • Relief valve
  • Gas back-pressure valve
  • Equalizer tubing and fittings
  • External adjustable water siphon with stainless steel weir pipe
  • Oil and water dump valves
  • Flame arrestor
  • Fuel gas scrubber with high-level shutoff and drain
  • Fuel gas regulator
  • Heat retaining baffle
  • 18 inch manway
  • Ladder


  • High temperature thermostat shutdown
  • Internal anti-corrosive coating
  • Burner safety low (BSL)/igniter
  • High level shutdown
  • Stack arrestor
  • Igniter
  • External piping
  • Caged ladder
  • Sour gas service built to the NACE standard