Production Equipment

We design, engineer and fabricate reliable, high-quality production equipment for all oil & gas applications, and for all major production regions in the U.S. and many other offshore and international locations.

Key Applications Include Specific Products Designed For:

  • Separation
  • Oil Treatment
  • Liquid Removal
  • Gas Processing
  • Water Treatment
  • BTEX Control Systems

All designed for modular skid package efficiency.

Experts Who Get It Done

Exterran has delivered outstanding production equipment expertise for more than 60 years. No other company has our depth of technical design and application experience. We use state-of-the-art processes and systems, such as QuikSize®, to provide accurate, fast and detailed specifications. With our strong project management and engineering capabilities, we partner with you to find the best solutions to meet targets, speed delivery and installation to get operations up and running, and keep it that way.

Premium Quality Is Standard

Exterran is known for building the best. We use only premium materials and quality-driven processes such as automated precision plasma cutting and robotic welding. We use industry best-practices as part of our programs for inspections, pressure testing and material traceability. Our vessels are ASME code stamped and national board registered. Exterran’s quality production equipment has been proven for decades in the field for full confidence that high-quality equipment is driving your operations.

The Size And Scale To Deliver

Exterran provides an extensive range of pre-engineered, field-proven, standard equipment in stock and ready for delivery. With regional fabrication and ready inventories, we can quickly deliver the equipment your operation demands.

We can also customize our high-quality offerings to meet your specific needs and any fluctuating equipment requirements. Exterran is equipped to handle it all. From large-scale program buys to aggressive production schedules, we can manage a flexible stocking program to continuously support all drilling programs.

Offering Solutions

Exterran delivers far more than equipment. We can assist you with startup, training, parts and services, technical troubleshooting and more. Through one provider you get fast response, greater efficiency, assured accountability and more reliability–all leading to less downtime and more production.

Exterran can design, install and operate oil and gas production facilities in environments ranging from frozen tundra to rainforest, from desert to offshore platforms. Our experience in the field drives our engineering and design.


Separators: 6.625’’ to 96’’ Diameter

  • High/Low Pressure
  • Vertical and Horizontal
  • Two and Three Phase
  • Filter Separators
  • Coalescing Filter Separators
  • Sand Separators
  • Vent Scrubbers
  • Slug Catchers

Absorbers/Scrubbers 6.625’’ to 72’’ Diameter

  • Integral Scrubber
  • Loose Packed, Trayed and Structured Packed

Glycol Regenerators

  • 125M Btu/Hr to 2.5MM Btu/Hr
  • BTEX Eliminator Systems

Indirect Line Heaters

  • 250M Btu/Hr to 4.0MM Btu/Hr
  • Up to 15,000# Coil

Production Units - Enclosed or Open

  • Heater/Separator Combination
  • High/Low Combination
  • Wellhead Allocation Skids
  • API 14C Assemblies

JT Plants

  • 1, 2, 5, 15MMscfd
  • Fuel Gas Conditioner

Condensate Stabilizers

  • Up to 5000 bbl/d

Produced Water Treatment

  • Skimmers
  • Sump Tanks

Heater Treaters

  • 4 ft - 6 ft Diameter Vertical
  • 6 ft - 8 ft Diameter Horizontal

Utility Equipment

  • Fuel and Instrument Gas Packages
  • Blowcases
  • Sales Gas Meter Runs
  • Coolers



  • Compact, High-Performance Designs
  • Two and Three Phase
  • Custom Internals
  • Cyclonic Inlet/Scrubber Devices
  • Vane Packs
  • Plate Pack Coalescers

Indirect Line Heaters

  • Up to 12MM Btu/Hr

Natural Gas Treatment

  • Glycol Dehydration Systems
  • Dry Dessicant Systems
  • Batch Systems
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Oil Treatment

  • Mechanical Treaters
  • Electrostatic Treater
  • Oil Stabilization

Produced Water Treatment

  • Skimmer
  • Hydrocyclones (Deoiling/Desanding)
  • Filtration

JT Plants

  • 30, 60, 90MMscfd