JT System

Exterran’s Joule-Thomson (JT) System makes it easier to recover sellable NGLs and reduce the water and hydrocarbon dew point from the production stream to pipeline specifications. This self-contained, modular, system can be quickly installed and commissioned, making it ideal for short-term, space-constrained, operating environments. Three configurations are available for inlet capacities of 30, 60 or 90 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd).

Key Benefits

Faster Startup

  • Compact Design & Fast Delivery Allow Quick Startup in Minimal Space
  • Sized in 30, 60 or 90 MMSCFD to Meet Your Specific Requirements
  • Reduces BTU Content of Fuel Gas Proportional to Inlet BTU

Value Performance

  • Recovers Valuable NGLs from the Gas Stream
  • Reduces BTU Content of Fuel Gas Proportional to Inlet BTU
  • Latest ASME Design & Construction Standards Ensure High Performance & Safety


High-pressure gas enters through the gas/gas exchanger and chiller for pre-cooling. Methanol is injected to prevent formation of hydrates, and the raw natural gas passes through a JT valve. The resulting pressure drop expands the gas and significantly reduces temperature. The cooled gas is routed to the cold separator, which removes the condensed NGL. Outlet gas from the cold separator is routed through the gas/gas exchanger for inlet cooling. The NGL from the cold separator is routed through the inlet NGL/gas exchanger and then can be sent to an optional pressurized NGL storage tank.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • JT Valve with Pressure Pilot Controller (Fisher® Control Valves)
  • NGL/Gas Exchanger (Hairpin-Type)
  • ASME Code Gas/Gas Exchanger (Hairpin-Type)
  • ASME Code -20 °F Cold Separator
  • Temperature Controller
  • Instrument Gas/Air Manifold
  • Sight Glass Assembly
  • Methanol Pump & Delivery System
  • Cold Thermal Insulation
  • Hot Gas Bypass System for Startup
  • Heavy Duty Steel Skid with Lifting Lugs
  • Thermal Relief Valves
  • Control Isolation Valves
  • PSM Compliant Documentation


  • Power Distribution Center (PDC)
  • Inlet Dehydration
  • Ethylene Glycol Injection System
  • 3-Phase Separator
  • NGL Bullet Tank

Optional Services

  • Installation Engineering
  • Exterran Quickstart®
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Documentation
  • Air Emissions Permitting
  • HAZOP Support
  • Build, Own & Operate
  • Build, Operate & Transfer
  • Unit Contracting