Engineered Compression Packages

Packages designed to meet exacting customer-specific requirements.

Applications and Manufacturing Experience

Exterran’s extensive experience allows us to work from established and proven standard designs, which are adapted to the specific application as needed.

Exterran has proven capability for engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, testing, transportation and training for custom-designed gas compression packages and plants. We have successfully completed projects throughout the world to international codes and standards for use in a variety of environments and a wide range of process conditions. We maintain a full staff of qualified engineers, designers, drafters, manufacturing personnel and support staff to ensure the highest level of professional service to our clients.

With packaging capabilities ranging up to 9,000 HP, Exterran has the resources to deliver what is needed to optimize production in unique operating environments and under varying conditions. Exterran has packaged more than 8,000 reciprocating and rotary screw compressors, making us one of the most experienced packagers in the world. Custom-built Exterran packages can be found in almost every major oil and gas producing region on the world.

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