Emissions Testing

Exterran offers onsite testing programs that follow regulatory requirements for air quality. Our Ultra Portable Testing services are ideal for shorter intervals, such as quarterly requirements. Everything needed to test for CO, NOx and O2 is contained on a single vehicle, which can be mobilized to your site on relatively short notice. The Mobile Lab Testing is capable of measuring CO, NOx, VOC and HAPs, including formaldehyde. Exterran technicians are both testing and mechanical experts. If a potential problem is detected, we typically have the equipment with us to take care of it on site. If the potential problem is more significant, we can still address it. You save the time and expense of calling a third-party repair crew to your site. Plus you avoid the costly prospect of facing excess downtime.

Fast Response

Exterran has crews in nearly every major oil and gas producing area in the world, standing ready to help you. In fact, one technician can often take care of multiple needs in one visit, from testing to simple repairs to retesting. There are no scheduling headaches, delays from using multiple vendors, or excessive travel expenses that you often get with more limited providers.

With Exterran, Safety is at the center of every decision we make. Our testers and field technicians are empowered with the ability to stop any job where safety is compromised. We continuously train and measure safety because we want every Exterran employee and every employee of any company that Exterran works for or with, to go home safely every night. You can trust Exterran to honor your pursuit of safety as we honor our own.